About the Founder

Coach Frances Nadine Ferdinand, is the founder of HQ Tennis LLC and HQ Tennis Foundation.

To bring High-Quality (HQ) tennis to those who may not normally have access to it is the core mission of the organizations. Often free tennis classes focus on numbers and not quality. We want to support players in reaching their tennis potential by focusing on the quality of the class over the numbers. High-Quality tennis lessons mean delivering the same if not better quality of tennis classes that would be expected to see at high-end tennis clubs and academies: low Student-to-Coach ratios, high-quality equipment, and high-quality coaches. Tennis is a unique sport that is always evolving. By focusing on key fundamentals, coordination, agility, physical literacy, flexibility, and motor skills we can develop not only a high-quality tennis player but a high-quality athlete. 

HQ Tennis Foundation

HQ Tennis Foundation (HQF) is always looking for ways to break down boundaries in tennis and creates a safe space for participants from diverse backgrounds to share experiences, including allowing participants to reach higher levels of quality tennis. We provide tennis exposure, as well as, High-Quality Tennis lessons and opportunities that will allow participants to excel to professional levels.

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