Help Create a Safe and Beautiful Space to Excel

Our Three Primary Initiatives is a non-profit (501c3) organization.

The Community. To build a space where everybody feels welcomed to play, learn, and get active.

The Children. To offer scholarships and opportunities in quality lessons that are accessible to all.

The Courts. To create a safe space for all. To build an uplifting and inviting environment where the community can flourish.


Make High-Quality Tennis More Accessible on High-Quality Courts

HQ Tennis Foundation (HQF) is always looking for ways to break down boundaries in tennis and creates a safe space for participants from diverse backgrounds to share experiences, including allowing participants to reach higher levels of quality tennis. We provide tennis exposure, as well as, High-Quality Tennis lessons and opportunities that will allow participants to excel to professional levels. 

HQ Tennis brings High-Quality Tennis experiences to those that might not normally have access to it. We have the Jr. Academy for kids ages 3-18 and Adult group and private classes. Classes meet in small groups at Jackie Robinson Tennis Courts where students are safely connected with coaches and other participants who share their interests.

Family Financial Scholarship Fund

We encourage following your dreams and your passions.

Community Programming

We make high-quality tennis inclusive and available to all.

Jackie Robinson Court Rehab

We create safe and beautiful spaces for everyone to excel.
How HQ Tennis Helps

We hold community outreach events and programs, we offer financial assistance to families in need, and scholarships to children passionate about the sport of tennis. We are also currently raising funds to beautify and rehabilitate tennis courts at Jackie Robinson Park.

The historic Jackie Robinson tennis courts have been in the BedStuy community for over 100 years. These iconic courts that once hosted a small baseball field have been a safe and welcoming space for thousands of people over the years. Housed between two public housing buildings the newly gentrified neighborhood has been suffering from a disconnected community, resulting in gun violence. One of the major initiatives of HQ Foundation is to create a safe and beautiful space where everyone can experience tennis together.

The rehabilitation project budgeted at nearly $400k. The USTA has agreed to match donations up to $20,000, which means we need your help. This community project is a once in a lifetime investment that will not only produce an outstanding and safe place where people of all ages can explore and play, but will also serve as a tangible model for community involvement, cooperation, and leadership that will leave a lasting impact on the community for years to come.

Donate to help our community fall in love with Tennis.

If you’re interested in supporting or partnering with, email [email protected]

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