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Photo Gallery - Jackie Robinson Tennis Court Renovations

The Courts is a non-profit (501c3) organization.

We asked to create a safe space for all. To build an uplifting and inviting environment where the community can flourish.

The Historic Jackie Robinson Tennis Courts have been in the BedStuy community for over 100 years. These iconic courts that once hosted a small baseball field have been a safe and welcoming space for thousands of people over the years. Nestled between two public housing buildings the newly gentrified neighborhood has been suffering from a disconnected community, resulting in gun violence. One of the major initiatives of HQ Foundation is to create a safe and beautiful space where everyone can experience tennis together. We are excited to announce a fundraising opportunity for community members to join in on beautifying Jackie Robinson Park and Tennis Courts. The new courts will still have their authentic vibe and 4 tennis courts but will be resurfaced and repainted ensuring safe play for everyone to enjoy. Jackie Robinson Courts will be a beacon for accessible quality tennis programming.

The best part is that you the community will get to help with fundraising and construction, the goal is to break ground in Fall/ Winter 2021. The budget for “New Jackie” is $400k. The USTA has agreed to match donations up to $20,000. WE NEED YOUR HELP. This community project is a once in a lifetime investment that will not only produce an outstanding and safe place where people of all ages can explore and play, but will also serve as a tangible model for community involvement, cooperation, and leadership that will leave a lasting impact on the community for years to come.

HQ Foundation invites you to join us in supporting this project by making a tax-deductible donation.

Donate to help our community fall in love with Tennis.

It Happened

Resurface and beautify the courts: This project consists of rehabilitating four existing 78- foot tennis courts at Jackie Robinson. A Slip Sheet Overlay will enable the installation of new pavement to bridge over the existing structural cracks in the existing asphalt pavement; thereby reducing cost from asphalt removal and disposal.

The Breakdown: Slip Sheet Overlay

Installing the Slip Sheet Overlay will include:

  • New Fencing: Removal and re-installation of fencing system at the new pavement elevations.
  • Crack Sealing: Clean and seal all existing cracks.
  • Trench Drain: To protect the court surface and pavement from water damage.
  • Court Resurfacing: Raise the finished court surface and establish the proper tennis court slope. Install 3” asphalt pavement. Apply acrylic sports surfacing.
  • Landscaping: Re-do lawn areas around courts to intercept any stormwater. Rebuild the tennis court walkway to meet the elevation of the new walkway

Total Estimated Cost: $300,000

How You Can Help

The Breakdown: Bubble

We plan to purchase a bubble and installment system to address the concern of members during the winter seasons. Additionally, new curtains and dividers will be installed in order to maintain court privacy, safety, focus, and play. 

Total Estimated Cost: $50,000

The Breakdown: Lights

We will improve tennis court safety and enable players to continue their games into the night if so desired. Additional lights will be installed to increase visibility outdoor and indoors during the months that the bubble is up.

Total Estimated Cost: $15,000

The Breakdown: Windscreen

We intend to add beauty to the park which will further advance our plan of creating a safe and inviting atmosphere. Windscreens cut down on noise and visual distraction, reduce wind and provide shade without reducing ventilation

Total Estimated Cost: $1,000

Sponsorship Levels:

The following sponsorship levels are available. Individuals and businesses that wish to donate in this manner will be recognized on the HQ Foundation website.

Bronze- $1,000 – $5,000

Silver – $5,000 – $9,999

Gold – $10,000- $24,999

Platinum- $25,000


If you’re interested in supporting or partnering with HQ Tennis Foundation, or becoming a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Sponsor email [email protected]

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